Specialtransport företaget Westdijk Sweden AB i Sverige och Europa grundades 2005, som en del av Holländska Westdijk Group. Vi är en av dom ledande inom transport av tungt och skrymmande gods i Sverige och Europa. 

När Westdijk Sweden startade sin verksamhet, var det till en början i blygsam skala, men med ett tydligt definierat syfte. Viktigast, målet var att utveckla och ta den ledande rollen som en av dom bästa specialtransport företaget i Göteborg och Sverige, samt stärka Westdijks expansion i Europa.

This thinking still permeates the company today. The majority of Sweden's industry is within 1 day's transport from the port of Gothenburg, which makes Gothenburg the perfect place to start a haulage company.

Does your business rely on the efficiency of special transport? Would the time you spend arranging your logistics be better spent developing your business? Let Westdijk Sweden AB provide the transportation solutions you need to support your growth. As a full-service special transport provider, we’ll deliver worry-free experiences while handling all your shipping needs.

Today’s competitive environment rewards a flexible and responsive approach to special transport. When you need reliable specialtransport to achieve your business goals, we can support you with our wide range of services. Improve your performance with our fully integrated systems and processes, data-driven insights and innovative technological solutions. We’ve designed our services to address the challenges you face and give you an advantage.

We work hard to do the right thing every day, whether it’s how we safely secure your freight to our well-maintained equipment or how we treat you as a person. That, responsible leadership and the determination to find solutions that are right for you are what’s kept us around so long — and will keep us by your side for the long haul.

In order to develop new and tailored solutions, Westdijk Sweden AB collaborate closely with industries and companies and use the latest technology. This closeness to our customers allows us to develop flexible solutions, offering peace of mind to all parties involved.

Oavsett om du kommer till oss som speditör, privatperson, projektledare, inköpare eller företagsrepresentant så kan du känna dig trygg med oss. Vi kan utföra alla former av specialtransporter, allt från hela industrier till maskintransporter, krantransporter, konstruktioner, projekttransporter, bredtransporter, tungtransporter, långa transporter, höga transporter. Ja alla typer av skrymmande gods är välkommet hos oss.

When you need a special transport, we can be your partner. Westdijk Sweden, team with experience and the determination, will get the job done right. We’ll make sure your freight gets delivered safely and on time.