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    In a panic situation, I contacted Roger in Westdake asking for transportation, which I knew was impossible. Heavy transport and hopeless schedule. When I received the answer that there was a solution, I was very surprised. But this is not the first time you have rescued me and my colleagues. You notice how valuable contacts, knowledge and a strong desire to help are. Thanks!

    Frida Mayor

    Very reliable company with great knowledge in all matters special transport, can assist with pretty much everything around.

    Emelie Grösfjeld

    Well done! Westdijk performed a transport of a new Copex 1000 tons shear for Veolia last week. The heaviest part was 69 tons, in total it was 7 trailers, from Copex factory in Lorient in France to Falköping in Sweden, all trailers was on site exactly on time

    Thank you Westdijk for a perfectly executed transport

    Thomas Wadstedt