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Why Choose Westdijk Sweden?

Discover the Advantages of Choosing Us as Your Transportation Partner.

Specialtransport Westdijk Sweden
Specialtransporter Westdijk Sweden
Specialtransporter Westdijk Sweden
Specialtransporter Westdijk Sweden

At Westdijk Sweden, we pride ourselves on being a premium service provider for all your transportation needs.

Here are some of the reasons why we believe you should choose us:

1. Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility.

We operate a fleet of Euro 6 trucks, the latest emission standard for European heavy-duty vehicles. These trucks emit up to 80% fewer nitrogen oxides and particulate matter than older models, making them a more eco-friendly option for transportation.

2. Expertise In Properly Lashing All Types Of Cargo.

Our team is trained and uses only certified high-quality lashing equipment and rubber mats, ensuring that your cargo arrives at its destination safely and securely. This level of attention to detail and dedication to safety sets us apart from other transportation companies.

3. Focus on customer satisfaction.

Westdijk Sweden’s mission is to make your project a success and as easy as possible for you. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will work hard to ensure that your cargo is transported safely and on time.

4. Expertise in special transport.

Westdijk Sweden has a team of experts who are experienced in handling oversized and heavy cargo and navigating the complexities of special transport regulations. We provide guidance and support throughout the transport process, ensuring that your shipment is handled safely and efficiently.

5. Large fleet of specialised vehicles.

Westdijk Sweden has a large fleet of specialised vehicles equipped with the safest and best equipment, support vehicles, and other equipment to execute your project. This ensures that your cargo is transported securely and on time.

6. Proximity to critical ports.

Our trailer yard, located near the port of Gothenburg, allows us to quickly and easily load and unload cargo, ensuring timely delivery.

7. Strong network.

Being part of Westdijk Transport Group gives us access to a vast network of partners and contacts, allowing us to offer our customers a one-stop solution for all their transport needs.

8. Affordable international transport solutions.

Westdijk Sweden offers cost-effective international transport solutions through Ro-Ro connections between coastal countries and a vast network of contacts throughout Europe, which enables the company to provide special transport services to any country.

9. Positive relationships with authorities.

Westdijk Sweden has established positive relationships with road authorities in each country through local agents, which ensures smooth and efficient operations and compliance with all regulations.

10. High creditworthiness rating.

Westdijk Sweden has the highest creditworthiness rating of 5, which ensures that the company has excellent financial stability and can fulfil its obligation.

11. Safety and Compliance.

We have strict safety measures, and all our equipment complies with the most recent regulations.

Choose Westdijk Sweden for your next project and experience the difference that comes with working with a company that truly cares about your cargo and your satisfaction.

Contact us for a quote today Info@westdijksweden.se +46 (0) 31 26 41 08

Vårt specialtransport galleri

Vårt galleri visar några av våra framgångsrika transportprojekt, inklusive överdimensionerad last, tunga maskiner och andra unika och utmanande uppdrag. Vi är stolta över vår förmåga att tillhandahålla skräddarsydda lösningar skräddarsydda för att möta varje projekts och kunds specifika behov. 

Om du är i behov av specialtransporttjänster för ditt nästa projekt, kontakta oss. Vi är här för att hjälpa och förse dig med den expertis du behöver för att få jobbet gjort rätt. 

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